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With the Oscar nominations being announced on January 14th, there has been and will continue to be rampant speculation on the eventual nominees. With so many great movies, so much push and pull between popularity and artistic achievement, and so much personal variance, no critic or publication is ever 100% accurate in their predictions, nor are all of their pet favorites rewarded with nominations. Part of the fun of the lead-up to the announcement, however, is writing about those pet favorites in the hopes that someone out there (AMPAS voters especially) is listening and that one’s personal preferences and seemingly inconsequential ramblings could actually make a difference. Most likely, not so. But we will still write about our favorite movies from now until January 13th in the hopes that someone out there will at least seek these movies out and see for themselves some of the greatness we are celebrating. Check back every day until the 14th for a new article highlighting one of the films from 2015 that we think deserves some more acclaim. In most cases, we acknowledge that we are fighting a losing battle. But like most pop culture crusades, we will keep tooting our horn as long as even one person is listening. On January 13th, we will post our final Oscar Predictions, complete with short commentary and our personal dark horse candidates. Thanks for your support.

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