Streaming Pick of the Week | 02/13/2017 | Creed (2015)


Though it is more chic to suggest a romantic streaming pick around Valentine’s Day, I want to steer you towards a different kind of relationship movie. Ryan Coogler‘s Creed resurrecting the Rocky franchise by focusing on the relationship between Apollo Creed’s illegitimate son (Michael B. Jordan) and a much older Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone, Oscar nominated in reprising his role). While 2006’s Rocky Balboa did receive generally favorable reviews, it also seemed to end the Rocky saga. Coogler and his cast, however, made one of the best installments in the franchise by relying on some familiar elements (training montages, David vs. Goliath, trainer-fighter dynamics) while infusing the movie with some newer ideas (wrestling with legacy, feeling unwanted). Stallone has never been better, Jordan (Fruitvale Station) brought emotional resonance to the character of Adonis Johnson (later Adonis Creed), and Tessa Thompson (Dear White People) is understated as Adonis’ love interest (who also happens to be hearing-impaired and a musician, one of the many realistic details from Coogler and Aaron Covington’s script). All in all, the movie is a rousing sports flick, one with a lot of effectively stylish moviemaking on display. Whether or not you are a fan of the previous Rocky films, Creed is a winner.

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