Streaming Pick of the Week | 5/08/2017 | The BFG (2016)


Steven Spielberg‘s The BFG cost $140 million to make and grossed only $55 million in the US according to Box Office Mojo. Though it made $183 million total (counting its international gross), it was a rather disappointing theatrical run for one of the most well-respected and prolific directors of all time. It’s a shame, really. The BFG is a big-hearted, well-realized family movie that does great justice to the source material (from famed children’s author Roald Dahl). Lucky for you, The BFG is currently on Netflix. Though the small screen doesn’t do justice to some of the gorgeous effects nor to Janusz Kaminski‘s expansive compositions, it is still a perfect place to catch up with this surprisingly effective film. Ruby Barnhill is charming and spunky as Sophie, the orphan who is taken from her house by the titular Big Friendly Giant (Mark Rylance, via motion capture). The two actors have an easy chemistry that is central to the movie’s success. While many of the scenes of peril would probably frighten some younger children, the relationship between the two grounds the movie in beauty and familial love, something even the youngest viewers will understand. Rylance’s gentle lead performance pulls the movie along and the seamless CGI creates wonderful worlds around the cast. Like the book, the movie features some hilarious gags about breaking wind, which will delight the young in age and the young at heart. There is also a brilliantly conceived scene where The BFG and Sophie jump into a body of water and the world turns upside down–literally. It will take your breath away. As always, when Spielberg is behind the camera, there are going to be many things worth watching, even if some aspects fall short. However, with The BFG, I don’t believe many things fell short, besides the audience.

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