The Social Network — Podcast


Jake and Chad discuss one of their favorite movies of all time, The Social Network. In this far-reaching and free-ranging discussion, they discuss why the movie worked so well, why it is still presciently relevant, and how accurate it was to the actual events. Jake and Chad also discuss some of the movies they have recently seen in theaters and on DVD (including RawThe Boss BabyLooper, Collateral Beautyand American Pastoral. Finally, they include a plug for their upcoming podcast episode, “Ranking the Movies of the Fast and Furious Franchise.”

0:00 – 25:25 Discussion of movies that they have recently seen, including a small discussion of Dreamworks Animation, as well as a look at Raw and Looper.
25:25 – 1:07:34 The Social Network is a modern classic.
1:07:34 -1:08:45 What is coming out in the next little bit.
1:08:45 – 1:10:32 Intro to our next podcast episode, which is a ranking of the Fast and the Furious movies.


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Chad Durham

Co-editor and writer for Rogue Auteurs. Contributor to Taste of Cinema. I teach English and Film Literature in high school. Earned a Bachelor's Degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing and a Bachelor's in Humanities with an emphasis in Film. I adore movies and have since I fell in love with The Sting.

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